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There’s no better way to spend a special day in Barcelona than by enjoying one of our sensual and relaxing massages. At Tantra Body Massages, we combine the philosophy behind Thai massage with the harmony of a traditional spa to create an environment of ultimate relaxation. From the moment, you step inside our center, we will ensure the focus is on your wellbeing, helping you to truly unwind.

To balance the sensations and aromas required to create such a unique environment, we combine the magic of traditional Polynesian essential oils with Pure Thai incense, decorating all our rooms with exclusive Thai pieces and offsetting our tatami massage mats against a background of the softest oriental silk.

The positioning of the furniture and the tatami mats in our center is based on the principles of Feng shui in order to achieve a balance of pure and reviving energies that will allow your body to enter a state of deep relaxation.

At Tantra Body Massages, we offer you the unique and incomparable experience of enjoying an erotic massage from a masseuse in a private, luxury room, with our relaxing ambient music helping you de-stress in mind, body and soul.

Choose your perfect spanish erotic masseuse

Thanks to our emphasis at Tantra Body Massages on ensuring your erotic massage is as unique and special as possible, the first thing we invite you to do when arriving at our center is to meet all of the masseuses available for your massage. Alternatively, masseuses may also be selected from the masseuse’s section of our website, where you can browse a selection of 100% authentic photos.

The most important element in an erotic massage is the masseuse performing it, with her expert touch allowing you to feel all-new sensations and create a connection during the experience. For this reason, here at Tantra Body Massages we invite you to select your masseuse of choice, ensuring your experience will be as unique and memorable as possible.

At our prestigious erotic massage center, our massages are not just based on each masseuse’s professional movements and techniques, but also on the importance placed on providing you with a unique and truly unforgettable experience, with your selection of your masseuse key to this process.

From the moment, you arrive at our center, you will be invited to relax in one of our comfortable reception rooms and meet all the masseuses available. With your masseuse selected, it will be time for your unique erotic experience to begin…


Our erotic massage

masaje eyaculacion

Body to body massage:

The body-to-body ritual is a unique sensation in the world of erotic massage, with the masseuse’s proximity and sensuality heightened through maximum physical contact. This is a technique that few masseuses perform correctly, as it requires both sensuality and gentleness in order to harness the powers of physical touch, ensuring the recipient experiences wave after wave of sensual pleasure.

At Tantra Body Massages, we believe that 60% of sensations are transmitted by means of body to body contact. Such a belief has inspired the ritual performed in our massages, where body to body contact is used as a starting point for the most sensual and erotic part of the massage, with the technique a central focus thanks to its key role in ensuring erotic massage combines sensuality, sophistication and relaxation, without neglecting the techniques of traditional massage.

Our body-to-body massage is performed by Barcelona’s most elegant masseuses, in a warm and soothing environment that will allow you to relax and unwind in a moment of pure bliss.

60€ · 30min / 80€ · 45min / 100€ · 1hour

Original Nuru gel erotic massage:

What does an erotic massage with Nuru gel involve?

An erotic massage with nuru gel is a ritual performed on a tatami mat and begins with your masseuse applying gel on your entire body with her hands, using gentle, circular movements. Once your body is completely covered in the gel, the masseuse begins performing a relaxing massage from your head to your toes with soft movements in order to help you truly unwind.

Once the relaxation ritual is complete, your masseuse will move on to sensual, body-to-body movements, slowing stroking your body in order to spread the nuru gel across your skin. You’ll experience unique and unrivalled sensations thanks to the nuru gel’s ability to make physical contact with your masseuse even more extreme and pleasurable, awakening sensations entirely new compared to conventional erotic massages.

At Tantra Body Massages, we use Original Nuru Gel that is 100% skin friendly and dermatologically tested. In actual fact, Original Nuru Gel is made from organic seaweed making it beneficial for the skin thanks to the mineral salts and antioxidants in the seaweed.

90€ · 30min / 120€ · 45min / 150€ · 1hour

masaje cuerpo

4 hands massage:

If you believe that an erotic massage with a single masseuse is a unique and special experience, imagine what a 4-hands massage with two of our beautiful Spanish masseuses would be like!

A 4-hands massage is a highly unique form of pleasure that should be experienced at least once in life. The sight and touch of two beautiful masseuses performing an erotic massage at the same pace and in close proximity will awaken your wild and erotic side, pushing you to the brink of pleasure.

Our 4-hands erotic and tantric massage is a unique sensual ritual designed by Royal Tantra Massages and performed in a private room, allowing you to select your masseuses to ensure the experience is as personalised and unique as possible.

This special erotic massage combines your two masseuses’ most erotic movements in perfect harmony, with hot oils and relaxing music used to ensure you can unwind all the way from your head to your toes. Beginning with movements characteristic of relaxing massage, our masseuses then move on to more erotic and tantric touches, with their body-to-body contact leading you from relaxation to ultimate erotic and sensual pleasure.

From €120 for 30 minutes and €200 for 1 hour for both masseuses.


Erotic Massage: The best therapy for early ejection

Erotic massage is one of the best therapies to learn to control premature ejaculation, since in a Tantra massage the massage therapist performs very gently stimulating all areas of your body increasing the eroticism in each step you perform, this technique will It allows you to control your sexual impulses and therefore ejaculation.

To make your erotic massage more effective we give you the option of performing the massage with the totally naked or thong masseuse, in this way depending on the option you choose the massage will be more or less erotic, so depending on your degree of premature ejaculation We always advise you to choose your first erotic massages with a thong so that you do not have such a sexual vision of your masseuse and can learn to control your sexual impulses a little more and therefore your premature ejaculation.

60€ · 30min / 80€ · 45min / 100€ · 1hour

masaje prostatico

Prostate massage:

A prostate massage is a unique and highly personal experience we individually tailor for all of our clients.

Everyone is unique, and for this reason here at Tantra Body Massages we take all steps to ensure that our prostate massages are highly pleasurable and sensual experiences, ensuring recipients are as comfortable as possible.

Prostate massages are performed on tatami mats in private rooms by erotic masseuses using hot oils, with their expert touch delivering sensual and erotic movements producing extremely intense and pleasurable sensations.

The prostate is a highly sensitive and stimulating area that plays an important role in sexual pleasure, enhancing ejaculation. Many men choose to use prostate massage to reach orgasm due to the special and pleasurable form of stimulation that may be achieved and deepened by their masseuse’s expert tantric skills.

This unique form of stimulation may be produced through the rectal wall or externally by means of the perineum, located beside the rectum.

Add a €30 supplement to enhance your prostate massage with your favourite tantric massage.

Erotic shower massage (The perfect combination):

An erotic shower is a moment of relaxation and sensuality underwater with your most special masseuse. Your erotic shower can be with special aromatic soaps to wake up your most sensual side or with a neutral soap that leaves no odors.

Once you have started the erotic shower ritual, your masseuse will perform very sensual and relaxing movements with soap throughout the body while gently gliding body to body.

Enjoy an erotic shower at Tantra Body Massage for € 30

ducha erotica
masajes pies

Nhuas Thai massage:

Foot fetishism, or podophilia, is one of the most common fetishes among men, often involving a pronounced interest in women’s feet.

In light of the demand among our clients for such a specialist service, here at Royal Tantra Massages we have designed an exclusive Nuad Thai erotic massage performed by means of the feet.

The Nuad Thai erotic massage has been specially designed for foot fetishists and is performed by means of the masseuse’s feet. By using hot oils and gentle movements, the masseuse will cover your entire body with her feet in a private room with relaxing music in order to create an intimate atmosphere and one of close proximity between your two bodies.

This highly special ritual will see your masseuse of choice using gentle movements with her feet to massage your body from top to toe, with the same level of eroticism achieved as massages delivered with the hands. This will help you unwind and relax, allowing the masseuse to move on from the initial part of the massage to more erotic and sensual movements, covering your body and making it enter a state of extreme pleasure, awakening your most erotic and passionate side.

The Nuad Thai Feet erotic massage is highly interactive, allowing you to stroke your masseuse’s seductive feet and body throughout the massage.

Preferences vary enormously among those with foot fetishes, therefore we can also personalise your massage, with the masseuse wearing tights and using accessories if requested in order to ensure your erotic massage fulfills your wildest dreams!

120€ · 30min / 150€ · 45min / 200€ · 1hour

Erotic massage for couples:

Tantra Body Massages offers you the chance to make an erotic massage even more special by enjoying it with your partner at our discrete massage centre situated in the heart of Barcelona or from the comfort of your hotel room.

Enjoying an erotic couples massage in Barcelona is an exclusive and unique experience that will be sure to make your stay in the city truly unforgettable.

Both you and your partner can enjoy an erotic massage on a tatami mat in the same or in separate rooms, also allowing you to select the same erotic masseuse specialist or two different masseuses.

The erotic couples massage consists of a series of highly sensual movements and touches designed to promote ultimate pleasure and relaxation. Our ultra-erotic and tantric techniques are designed to ensure that both partners can learn from our expert sensual and tantric moves as the massage is performed by our expert tantric masseuses.

A good erotic couples massage will help a couple to reawaken their sensual and romantic side, enjoying a highly intimate and pleasurable experience together creating a bond of trust through experimenting with each other’s erotic nature.

With single masseuse for €80/30min and €120/1hour

With two masseuses for €140/30min and €200/1hour

masaje parejas

Outcall erotic massage Barcelona

Tantra Body Massages is Barcelona’s leading provider of outcall erotic and tantric massages, with our masseuses available for send out to your apartment or hotel room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tantra Body Massages is one of Barcelona’s most prestigious erotic and tantric massage centres, now providing Outcall erotic massages from the comfort of your apartment or hotel room, all while maintaining the same level of service offered in our centre. Our Outcall erotic massage are a private service performed by the same masseuses working in our centre, ensuring that the massages adhere to the same standards of hygiene, professionalism and ultimate eroticism.

To arrange an erotic massage from the comfort of your apartment or hotel room, simply follow these 3 steps:

  • Contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp
  • Let us know your name, hotel and room number.
  • Sit back and relax! Your masseuse will be with you shortly.


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